Dorsethost - Worst Hosting Company Ever!

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I have had services with this company, which I paid a year in advance, most of the time services where down because the owner, Patrick Daly is unable to run a proffesional service.He discusses his clients openly, refuse services and hides behind his Terms of Service when he's confronted, Watch out for this man, he will take you money and leave you stranded!

After leaving his services and not even trying to claim a refund for services paid up full for a year, he is now badgering me and bodering on obsessive behaviour, threatening me with all sorts of stuff.STAY WELL CLEAR OF DORSET HOST!!!


Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #640205

3 months later and surprise surprise who came looking for services from my partner company today! Only the same person who posted this review. I told you, that you wouldn't get services with us again and you wont.

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #599273

Obviously another fake profile. a little too obvious but well done.


I was browsing for hosting companies and came across this post, really interesting, just for the record, this Holly Selby says she's part of the company, just from her conduct I can clearly see I would not host with this company, what sort of company are they if they go about handling their business like this? I see you making comments about some chat that I recon is part of the pissed client's package, well Holly, you just lost yourself a customer, keep it up! Unbelievable how people do not know when to shut up, cut your nose to spite your face nice one init?

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #599231

Out of pity i'm sure!

I wouldn't advertise the fact that my so well-loved company only has 13 likes. But that's just me...

to JD Dorset, Vermont, United States #599232

LOL I agree

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom #598181

gotta laugh init, you guys all arguing but seriously what ever you thought of that company, slander kids, thats worse then anything, two kids that you aint even met. thats pathetic. if i had a company meself i woulda kicked you lot of my stuff before you coulda said boo, i gotta co with the comany here you lot deserve all you get.

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #598171

An awful lot of hidden names here, obviously not big enough to come forward, something to hide?Things went sour when Chat1080 managed to get themselves hacked and members of staff sorted ti but then all had to complain they didn't like the secure passwords they we're given to stop them from being hacked again.

Yes you were told you could leave and to be honest I think just like your previous hosts we are probably glad to see the back of you as much as you are of us.No more worries of other clients getting themselves hacked now.

London, England, United Kingdom #598169

i cant believe that theres a complaint such as this, holly has run my services for wel over a year.she is the most approachable and helpful member of staff.

if your going to insult her children no wonder you are getting lash back from it.CARRY ON HOLLY AND PADDY THESE LOSERS CAN GO TO ***!!

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #598162

If you are silly enough to give out logs then your are silly enough to get yourselves hacked.It wouldn't be the first or the last time Chat1080 has been hacked but I myself would like to see your so called logs.

Again we'll remind everyone viewing this page that it was not so long ago that Chat1080 and co managed to make themselves enemies and fount themselves in the process of some form of attack or other. Also it's not the first time that one host or another has had to fix things due to Chat1080's enemies. You are all fighting a lost cause in the case of bringing bad names on Dorset Host to many people know and use them to many people trust them and too many people receive an excellent standard of service from them. Chat1080 only began having an attitude when Dorset Host had to start asking for payments for services that had indeed been received and used.

Just to mention a couple, ZNC's and Domain names.You only need to read a few comment below to see the happy customers.

to Holly Selby Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #598167

You bending the facts a lil again.

Things went sour after paddy found complaints about him to his business partner and then became threatening.The invitation from holly to 'please leave if you dont like our services' was welcomed.

The threats were a childish display but noted. I would never conduct business with dorset. Even other hosting companies warn about paddy and holly.

A client of host*** said: Paddy is too immature and will still learn by his mistakes.We pray that to be true.


I witnessed paddy's threats and his pityful tantrums

These are all from the same btcentral IP:

[11:22] w4®l0RÐz vëÑgÊÃñçÊ §T®íKë...In Progress

[11:22] w4®l0RÐz vëÑgÊÃñçÊ §T®íKë...Completed

[12:17] OUR DAY WILL COME and you will go bye bye bye this server is going down and it will not resurrect

The services logs are available from the opers which proves paddy and holly hacking the servers.

to Witness Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #598203

hacking their own servers that they supply to u lol what a joke

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #597667

Thanks to all customers so far who have come through to give your thoughts :)

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa #597662

Yes Nemesis thats true...They are the Best Hosts.

They Have Taught me Alot.....

I Fanks you.....:grin


They have till date treated me with respect and gone out of their way to keep us happy. Thanks Holly & Paddy you guys are the best.

Dont let these people bring u down

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #597558

I have used Dorset Host since they have opened.Not once have I ever found Holly or Paddy, rude or abusive.

I am one one to kick off as soon as things go wrong but they have always treated me with respect (something you have to gain not a god given right) and made sure that I'm running fine. The below accusations are non sense nothing but a person who, with no proof has obviously taken it upon themselves to try and destroy a companies reputation.

Slandering children a new time low!!!I would agree with Holly's comment beware of these people they are not worth having with your company, they sure as *** won't be using mine!!

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #597548

Again another completely blank set of excuses.All from the same set of people who upped and left, claims they were treated badly.

There's enough hosts to make the same claims about this group of people. Many company's who have had to put up with the same abuse and slander that this group of people spurt out continuously. When things dont go their own way they hit out at any company's owners personal life.

Lets look at the facts each one of the profiles on here were made by the same person/people with one aim to try and bring the reputation of Dorset Host, luckily for the company and the ever growing list of clients, no one wishes to pay attention to a bunch of random hatred.


I have personally witnessed the tyranny dorsehost employees tries to pass off as customer service.They *** clients passwords, *** private emails and in general treat people as *** and as this person states, they use their crappy tos as excuse, thinking they can hide behind that!

Guess again people are not idiots!Someone should take legal steps against this company before more innocent people get ripped off


I agree, Dorset Host does nothing but slander good paying customers and if you do not abide by them RULING the universe then your a bad customer, and if you withdraw your services they come and bombard you.This Holly, Paddy's little girlfriend, she's the worst, swearing and bad mouthing customers lol just look at what she wrote about the guy who made this post.

If you value your money avoid this company seriously!I too have hade damage from them


I do not agree, I just benefited from the work Dorsethost put into my website.Minimum downtime esperienced and due warnings when interruptions take place.

On occasion I have been late with payment but received no bad attitude from these guys.Keep up the work Paddy

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #597413

In response to your complaint and being a member of Dorset Host staff lets remind everybody how you up and left still owing money to the company, that remains unpaid you then have the nerve to slander the two children of that belong to the owner of the company.Your services have moved several times because you cant get along with your hosts.

Many hosts are now refusing to have anything to do with you, so once you leave your new one you will have trouble finding one to take on such a bad client.

Maybe we should warn people that instead of watching out for a perfectly decent company we should be aware of the customers, chat1080, sexychat, ircutopia.I would advice any other hosting company to steer well clear of these.

Rivonia, Gauteng, South Africa #596785

These People steal your money.And does not render services for the money.

The also come in and sabotage your network.STAY CLEAR of them.

to ***ed NO2 #597573

Bull pissed no 2

I had only excellent dealings with Paddy and his team on Dorset.If there is a problem, and that rarely happens, there was always good communications, excellent feedback and early warnings.

They are always friendly and willing to help.

Please don't try to mislead people.Maybe your nick, pissed NO2 says it all...

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